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Testimonials DermaShield™ Testimonials

DermaShield™ Testimonials

After 8 years or more of doctors visits,
chemists and naturopaths for treatment
on my cracking hands and fingers a
workmate mentioned Derma Shield™.
I searched the web for information and
finally decided to buy some.
At last I have hands that do not
crack and this lets me do a lot
more things like gardening without
fear of painful nights with cracked hands.

Richard Balmer

After nearly twenty years as a Florist, my hands were constantly an ingrained brown/green colour and cracked with being continiously wet.
Since using Derma Shield™ I no longer have stained, split & sore hands synomonous with Floristry.

L. Hobden

American Banknote who are manufacturers of security products such as credit cards/cheques use Derma Shield™ on a regular basis in the production plant - printing operations sections and are exposed to solvent based ink and would recommend DermaShield™.

Laszlo Loosz

I have recently been using Derma Shield™ for the past 1 year. I simply cannot speak highly enough in regard to this product.
I am a Domestic Cleaner cleaning 24-27 houses a fortnight, using different cleaners-some which are very very hard to the skin. Before using Derma Shield™ I would use always hand lotions, but nothing helped. Then I was given Derma Shield™ to try-well what a difference, my hands certainly felt better. I use it each time I go to a new house and I know my hands are well protected.
I was given xyz product to try, but I had to apply it every hour to get the same coverage as Derma Shield™ gives in 4 hours.

I would recommend this product to any one who uses their hands continually in their occupation.

Ms. R. Jordan

I use Derma Shield™ every day and protects against solvents, glue, dyes, and makes hands easier to clean at the end of the day. Would definetly recommend Derma Shield™.

Sam - Cloisters Shoe Repair

Our field of business is Sandblasting & Spray painting and is used in the Spray Painting area, and Derma Shield™ protects our workers from Overspray and is used on a regular basis. We would recommend Derma Shield™.

Blastworks P/L

Derma Shield™ is used because of excess washing and protects against cracked skin on knuckles & split finger ends. and is used twice a day.
Recommend the use of Derma Shield™.

Marc's Mobile Auto Electrics

Derma Shield is used in all areas of production of Leadlight & Stained Glass.It protects the skin from lead, dirt, flux's, acid and other metals and our workers use it on a regular basis. Absolutely recommend Derma Shield.

Creative Art Glass

Our of business is Sheetmetal / Screenprinters & Signage and is used in the paintshop, screen print shop workshop. It protscta against solvents, inks, paints, grease and thinners and is used on a regular basis, and would recommend it.

J. Signmakers

For the protection of Pine Bark stain while potting orchids as a hobby, as the pine bark stains also in general gardening and is used when neccessary to prevent ground in dirt and stains. Yes would recommend it.

Mrs M. Kuchel

The cleaning staff uses your product.
Their main duties are washing glassware and cleaning the lab benches, so have gloves on a high percentage of the day.
The lab staff in Biochemistry, Haemotology, Microbiology also wear gloves and have to wash their hands many times a per day.
I think the products are helpful for any situation when you are wearing gloves and washing your hands often.
lab work, food school, trades people who may handle anything that can irritate the skin or people who get very dirty hands.
It is very useful for workers handling cement.

Lyn, Sydney TAFE




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